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Adapting the education process

Adaptations of the education process are changes in the course of studies that make it possible to fulfill academic obligations, which take into account the health situation and the specificity of the substantive requirements of a given field of study. They are to provide support in achieving independence in college.

They are proposed by the representative of the disabled after an individual interview with the student and the submission of medical documentation by him in accordance with the 7 rules of educational support WSZ-SW.

Adaptations are granted at the student's request in accordance with the applicable procedures (Order of the Rector of WSZ-SW)

a) Sample forms of adaptation of classes:

  • the ability to record classes
  • the possibility of receiving teaching materials in the form available from lecturers (e.g. in electronic form);

b) Examples of adaptation of credits and exams:

  • extending their duration
  • enabling students to take written exams at the computer with specialized software
  • receiving examination sheets in enlarged type

Details on the rules for applying for adaptations can be found here.

You will find document templates here.

There is also the possibility of PON collaborating with lecturers to agree on the most appropriate educational strategies to conduct classes in an accessible manner. As part of this cooperation, it is possible to:

a) Informing the tutors about the adaptations granted to the student

b) Providing didactic guidelines on the ways and methods of preparing classes and exams, taking into account the needs of students with visual impairment.

c) Conducting consultations and training for teachers in the field of methods of supporting students with visual impairment and in adapting teaching materials.

Recording the content of the classes is possible in connection with Art. 33¹ of the Act of February 4, 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights, Journal Of Laws of 1994, No. 24, item 83 as amended d.





Rules for conducting examinations with the use of a computer

One of the forms of adapting the study process is the possibility of taking exams / tests / credits with the use of a computer. For those of you who plan to use this type of solution in the future, we encourage you to read the detailed Rules for conducting examinations / tests / tests, using a computer and / or specialized software.

Remote study

PON WSZ-SW meets the needs of students whose disability results in permanent or temporary inability to pursue studies in a standard way at the university (people unable to move independently). In such cases, the student has the right to apply for the possibility of organizing an extramural course of studies as part of the Individual Study Plan. The situation of each student is analyzed individually by a specialist dealing with educational support, and the implementation of the study program is carried out in cooperation with the student, PON WSZ-SW and academic teachers.

The person deciding on the scope of the support that can be provided is the dean.

The extramural mode of studying consists in modifying the form and technical conditions of transmitting the teaching content, and not in reducing the substantive value of the course, which remains the same as in the case of other students.

Regulations of the Plenipotentiary for Persons with Disabilities of the Warsaw School of Management - University

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I. General information

  • 1. The Plenipotentiary for Persons with Disabilities WSZ-SW, hereinafter referred to as PON, was appointed by the order of the Rector of the Warsaw School of Management - University of 12.02. 2020
  • 2. PON essentially reports to the Rector of the Warsaw School of Management-University.

II. Scope of activities of the Plenipotentiary for Persons with Disabilities

  • 3. The tasks of the PON include undertaking activities related to creating conditions for full participation in the education process for students who are disabled persons through:
    • a) removing barriers that prevent students with disabilities from participating in the education process,
    • b) providing appropriate technical solutions for students with disabilities (including computer workstations, software),
    • c) integration of non-disabled and disabled students in the academic environment,
    • d) appropriate organization of planned or additional classes, at the student's request, enabling full participation in the education process,
    • e) organizing conferences and seminars, publishing publications, newsletters, information leaflets,
    • f) disseminating information about the possibilities of studying for people with disabilities at the Warsaw School of Management-University in order to attract potential candidates,
    • g) organizing specialized training courses for students of WSZ-SW who want to work for people with disabilities (volunteer, assistant to people with disabilities),
    • h) taking actions aimed at shaping correct attitudes towards disabled people among the University employees, and in particular preparing the academic staff to work with disabled students.
  • 4. PON also:
    • a) collects and verifies documentation on disabled students using PON assistance,
    • b) at the request of the Dean of WSZ-SW, approved by the Rector, PON may provide assistance to employees of this Unit, conducting didactic classes in which students with disabilities take part,
    • c) gives opinions on applications addressed to the Rector in matters concerning students with disabilities,
    • d) cooperates with other Units dealing with people with disabilities (OWiRON, PFRON).
    • e) may obtain funds for its activities from the European Union or other sources

III. Rules for using the help

  • 5. Respecting the independence of people with disabilities and their rights, PON assistance will be provided only to students who themselves apply for support to the Office and document their disability.
  • 6. A student with a certificate of disability, studying at several fields of study at the same time, may receive support from the PON only in one field indicated by the student.
  • 7.A student with a certificate of disability who, after completing one field of study, continues his education in the other field of study, is not entitled to PON support, unless he continues his studies, after completing the first-cycle studies, in order to obtain the professional title of master's degree, however not longer than for a period of three years.
  • 8. Support for WSZ-SW employees conducting classes in which students with disabilities take part may only be provided at the written request of the Dean of WSZ-SW. The decision on granting aid and its form will be made by the Rector of WSZ-SW after the opinion of the Proxy for Persons with Disabilities of WSZ-SW.

IV. Eligible to benefit from PON assistance

  • 9. The following students are entitled to help:
    • a) disabled within the meaning of the Act on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons of August 27, 1997 (Journal of Laws of 1997, No. 123, item 776, as amended),
    • b) chronically ill or unable to fully participate in classes in the standard mode, but not having a certified degree of disability, and those whose inability to fully participate in classes is caused by sudden illness or loss of fitness due to an accident, but the nature of this incapacity is temporary.
  • 10. Persons applying for PON services are required to complete and submit to the PON a registration questionnaire (recruitment in the case of training) and appropriate medical documentation regarding the disease or disability. Persons with a certified degree of disability are required to submit a copy of the certificate certified as true copy by an employee of the PON.
  • 11. If the presented documentation is insufficient to consider the disabled person's application, PON will ask for the documentation to be supplemented.
  • 12. Documents submitted to the PON, confirming the health condition of the applicant, cannot be issued earlier than 90 days prior to their submission, with the exception of disability certificates.
  • 13. If the documentation presented is not permanent, a disabled or chronically ill person applying for or using PON assistance is obliged to update the documentation on every request.
  • 14. The Plenipotentiary for Persons with Disabilities has the right to refuse to provide or continue assistance in a specific case. The refusal is given in writing and should contain a written justification. The refusal may be appealed against to the Rector within 14 days from the date of delivery of the letter.
  • 15. Complex medical documentation is protected in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926).
  • 16. A WSZ-SW student applying for help is obliged to:
    • a) expressing your needs in writing,
    • b) updating contact details,
    • c) current updating of medical records if:
      •  health has changed,
      • the presented documentation has expired,
      • health is unstable,
    • d) reporting needs in good time.
  • 17. A disabled student has the right to:
    • a) view all the documents relating to him / her,
    • b) demand full confidentiality of information entrusted to PON employees,
    • c) proposing solutions to be introduced by the PON in his case,
    • d) confidential conversation with a PON employee in a separate room.

Expenditure co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund under the Knowledge Education Development Operational Program 2014-2020, Measure 3.5 Comprehensive programs of universities under the Project Co-financing Agreement No.: POWR.03.05.00-00-A106 / 19-00, Multidimensional adaptation of universities to the needs of disabled people

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