"Perspektywy 2023" ranking

WSZ-SW in the latest prestigious ranking of the best private universities in Poland "Perspektywy 2023" advanced by 10 positions. Among other things, we took first place in Poland in the category "Development of own staff", and first place among universities in Warsaw in the category "Economic fate of graduates".

Defense of bachelor's and master's theses

Information on the dates of individual students' defense papers will be posted in the Virtual Dean's Office.


Students who have an advertisement of our University on their cars and have not discussed its update with the Administration are asked to contact Piotr Szewczyk. Ads from last year and previous years are outdated. E-mail address: piotr.szewczyk@wsz-sw.edu.pl. Message at the office, phone: 22 862-32-24
We took part in the largest European research project on the life of students in the form of an online survey - EUROSTUDENT. It is a cyclical project that allows you to capture trends useful in shaping public policy. The results of the survey are available at www.eurostudent.eu CLICK THE TITLE TO READ MORE



The Warsaw School of Management - University is the 6th oldest non-public university in Poland. WSZ-SW is not a private university, it is a non-public university, founded by the Scientific Society for Organization and Management established in 1925, the world's first professional organization associating managers. We educate at the 20st degree (bachelor's degree), XNUMXnd degree (master's) studies in the "Economics" department in the field of "Management" with a practical profile in XNUMX specialties, including: enterprise management, retail chains, innovation, project and quality management, administration management public administration, logistics, personnel, finance and banking management, accounting, marketing, sports manager, and also in the field of security management.

The Warsaw School of Management - the University of Warsaw offers one of the lowest tuition fees in Warsaw: PLN 2200 per semester for extramural bachelor studies, PLN 1999 for full-time studies (tuition unchanged throughout the entire study period), increased amount of English (two hours of business English for full-time studies), and from the second year of practice in reputable companies, free studies for people whose income per family member does not exceed PLN 1051 net per month.

President of WSZ-SW
Rector of WSZ-SW
Dean of WSZ-SW

prof. teach dr inż. Waldemar Gajda

Waldemar GAJDA graduated from the Faculty of Transport and Communications at the University of Szczecin with a master's degree, and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Management and Economics of Services at the same University. PhD in economics, since 2019 he has been a university professor.

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prof. teach Dr. Sławomir Woźniak

Sławomir Woźniak started his professional career at the Faculty of Economics of the Higher School of Engineering as a research and teaching assistant. He conducted economics classes and research / commissioned by the Ministry of Market and Trade / in the field of economics of enterprises with foreign capital. He defended his doctoral thesis in economics in 1989.

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prof. teach dr Barbara Lubas


Dean of the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw School of Management - University.

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