Postgraduate studies

The Navigators of Tomorrow

Warsaw School of Management - University  

and the We Are Change Foundation

invite you to the third edition

Postgraduate Studies "Navigators of Tomorrow".

                   The currently ongoing XNUMXnd edition of these studies, like the first one, is very popular


Expand your inner awareness of your lifestyle.

To depart from the consumption patterns offered to us by the present day and look for other attitudes and values ​​that can and are the real axis of creating a new lifestyle in the economic and social dimension.

Warsaw School of Management - University - Warsaw Studies

Warsaw School of Management-University
01-204 Warsaw
st. Siedmiogrodzka 3 A

we are change

We are Change Foundation
01-204 Warsaw 05-085 Stare Babice
st. Siedmiogrodzka 3 A Zielonki, ul. Piaskowa 6


Social activists: trade unionists, local government officials, activists, activists of associations and foundations, and all those who want to co-create with us a new The first HR.

Persons with higher education may participate in the studies.

People who do not have higher education may be students of studies, but they will not receive a certificate of completion, but only a certificate of participation in the studies.


The assumption of the studies is to broaden the state of socio-economic knowledge and enrich the self-awareness of students and prepare them to co-create a new economic and social reality in the spirit of ethical values. We propose an interdisciplinary, innovative and coherent program of personal development, which will also influence the direction of your family, community, commune, city, country and world development.

During their studies, the students, with non-invasive support from the lecturers, build their own knowledge about society and the economy. They diagnose its condition and look for possible ways to remedy its shortcomings. Our goal is not to provide our audience with ready-made information packages, but to teach them to think critically and how to acquire knowledge on their own.


Recruitment for the third edition of the studies is ongoing.

They will be launched at the moment of completing a group of a dozen or so people.


Two-semester studies covering 209 hours of classes.

Classes are held in 3-day sessions, once a month, from Tuesday to Thursday, from 16.00 - 21.00, at the seat of the Warsaw School of Management - University of Warsaw, 01-204 Warsaw, ul. Siedmiogrodzka 3A (entrance from ul. Rogalińska).


  • Thanks to the co-financing of studies by the We are a Change Foundation, the fee for the entire course is promotional and amounts to only PLN 2000.


Please send the application form to the following address:

Detailed information can be obtained by calling: (22) 862-32-24, mobile 795 990 822.


  • understand the real mechanisms of the current economic system; learns how it shapes human consciousness;
  • learn about alternative management methods that do not degrade people, but fulfill their economic role;
  • will obtain the possibility of a broad, holistic, synthetic, more conscious view of reality;
  • learn about the central problems of the modern world along with examples of proposed and applied solutions.

We hope that the students will actively participate in documenting the course of studies by creating video and text materials and co-creating a website THE NAVIGATORS OF TOMORROW (www.nawigatoró This way, students will be able to gain practical skills in the field of citizen journalism.

Framework program

Lp. SUBJECT number of hours
Together Lecture Converter-satoria
1 Changes in the social and economic system in the world 14 8 6
2 Globalization and economic integration 9 6 4
3 Around the doctrine of social credit 14 10 4
4 Traditions and symbolism 12 8 4
5 Creation of your own personality 18 10 8
6 Civilization determinants of economy 12 8 4
7 social economy 15 10 5
8 Principles of economy monetization 22 16 6
9 Organization management strategies 12 8 4
10 Psychology of changes and crossing stereotypes 12 8 4
11 Introduction to system analysis 15 9 6
12 Contemporary financial systems 12 8 4
13 The crisis of capitalism. Chances and dangers 9 6 3
14 Economic heritage of the Second Polish Republic 6 6 0
15 Innovativeness of Polish business entities 6 3 3
analysis and evaluation
16 Ethical values ​​today and tomorrow 9 6 3
17 Diploma seminar 12 - 12
  TOGETHER 209 129 80


Classes will be conducted by lecturers from the Warsaw School of Management - University of Warsaw and people who have been involved in activities supporting their own and social development for many years.


The studies will end with an oral final exam. The final grade on the certificate will also be influenced by participation in project groups and project implementation (e.g. creation of a theoretical economic model), which proves the students' ability to cooperate with each other.

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