The studio

Laboratory of Sustainable Development

The studio operates within the structure of the Warsaw School of Management - University and closely cooperates with the university's TNOiK Circle. The head of the laboratory is dr inż. Barbara Kulpińska, and her tutor is prof. dr hab. Pawel Soroka.

Here are the problems that are of interest to the Sustainable Development Laboratory:

I - Human - diagnosis and development of personal potentials, psychological
and sociological aspects of man in the organization, effectiveness of action and happiness (according to the formula of Prof. Jerzy Lechowski).

II - Culture - a wide range of culture and determining its practical impact on the perception of the world and the effectiveness of people in their professional lives
and social; organizational culture, behavioral culture, language culture.

III - Environment - natural (mainly environmental protection management) and social environment (in managing institutions and organizing any projects).

IV - Entrepreneurship - shaping attitudes and motivations that are to favor the effective activity of people in the creation of new companies or the development of institutions and organizations; implementing the principles of the "structured operating cycle".

The Sustainable Development Laboratory is focused on practical issues, but also conducts scientific discussions and organizes open problem seminars to which it invites interested persons by publishing their announcements on the news service on the NGO.PL portal.

The following topics of scientific discussions, workshops and seminars are included in the nearest plans of the Laboratory:

- substantive, organizational and ethical standards in professional and social activities in the field of organization, management and management (task teams).

-development and popularization of praxeology - science of efficient operation according to prof. Tadeusz Kotarbiński and the achievements of other Polish scientists.

-implementing the practical principles of Cybernetic Theory of Character, according to prof. Marian Mazur, in the field of diagnosing predispositions and professional preferences for the effective selection of personnel for specific positions.

- the impact of the information system on the efficiency of state management, including the functioning of public administration units (government and local government).

- popularization of philosophical and empirical ideas in the achievements of prof. Andrzej Zawiślak (late former Rector of WSZ-SW), especially on the basis of his book: "About quantum, markets and economists - ikebana of astonishment and paradox", also with the participation of a group of Esperantists, operating in the Sustainable Development Studio, along with an internet broadcast on the whole world through the channels of Esperantists.

 Over the Workshop initiated cooperation with the San Marino International Academy of Sciences, especially in the field of the effectiveness of didactic methods in education for adults, including seniors, and with other research centers, e.g. through active participation in the Permanent "Critical Theory of Organization Seminar" at the Kozminski University (conducted by Prof. Witold Kieżun and Prof. Wojciech Gasparski).

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