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Development strategy of the Warsaw School of Management at the University of Warsaw

Warsaw School of Management The University of Warsaw, was established on the initiative of the Scientific Society of Organization and Management in 1992, and then was registered by the Minister of National Education (No. DNS-3-TBM-89/92) and entered into the register of non-state universities under No. 12. University brings new permanent cognitive and educational elements in the area of ​​its statutory activity, which is the field of management, especially in and around Warsaw and the neighboring regions.

The mission of the Warsaw School of Management - the University of Warsaw is to educate valued graduates equipped with comprehensive knowledge, skills and competences necessary for active participation in the knowledge-based economic and social life and to contribute new elements to the scientific understanding of the world and solving its significant contemporary problems.

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Vision of the development of the Warsaw School of Management at the University of Warsaw

The following years of the University's development will be characterized by creating a new quality of education conducive to equipping graduates with practical skills supported by scientific research and cooperation with the environment. Education will cover a wider range of specializations, corresponding to the current needs, and if possible and social demand, also courses, enriched with new valuable and utilitarian curriculum content conveyed by innovative teaching methods. WSZ-SW is a unit open to the environment, taking actions in the sense of social responsibility for the sustainable development of the region and the country. The research conducted by the University will be carried out using modern methods and will cover new thematic areas corresponding to the needs of the modern economy. Strengthening the material potential and intellectual capital will take place within the framework of ever more intense links with domestic and foreign partners.

WSZ-SW will be also an institution friendly to employees, students, graduates and their entire environment. A university that will promote and disseminate universal humanistic and academic values ​​in its daily activities.

Didactic activity

WSZ-SW will fulfill its mission through the following tasks. In terms of education:


Shaping rational, ethical and committed civic attitudes, developing openness to the world and sensitivity to culture.


Constant improvement of the quality of teaching, while ensuring favorable conditions for the education of people with outstanding talents.


Developing the personality of students, developing the ability to independently acquire and supplement knowledge throughout life and critical thinking.


Stimulating creativity, equipping with knowledge and skills to use modern techniques, allowing for conscious and efficient functioning in a complex world.


Developing the ability to cooperate based on mutual trust and the ability to manage teamwork.


Developing the ability to adapt to changes taking place on the labor market.


Implementation of modern education techniques, including distance learning (elearning).


Developing sensitivity to the surroundings and the natural environment.

Strategy goals

The primary goals of the University, as defined by the Law on Higher Education, is to educate students to prepare them for professional work in contemporary society. These goals are achieved through:

  • Providing students with competences allowing them to feel responsible for the Polish state, for strengthening the principles of democracy and respect for human rights;
  • Education for the acquisition and self-completion of knowledge;
  • Providing students with practical skills allowing for quick adaptation in organizations;
  • To sensitize students to the importance of ethics and order in the management process;
  • Education at postgraduate studies and organization of training courses in accordance with the needs of the educational market;
  • Conducting of scientific research and provision of research services;
  • Education and promotion of research personnel;
  • Disseminating and multiplying the achievements of science and national culture;
  • Creating conditions for the development of students' physical culture;
  • Promotion of the achievements of the teaching staff, students and employees of the University in various fields of science, culture and interests.
  • Action for the benefit of local and regional communities.
  • Creating conditions for disabled people to fully participate in the education process and in scientific research.
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In the field of research:

  • Creating new knowledge by conducting scientific research both motivated by cognitive curiosity and thinking about the common good,
  • Assimilating the results of research conducted in the world and transferring them for social use,
  • Popularizing science and disseminating awareness of its importance for the knowledge-based society,
  • Developing contacts with the social and economic environment in order to create and commercialize innovations,
  • Supporting the development of civil society as well as debate and social communication,
  • Contributing to the development of regions and modernization of the country,
  • Disseminating humanistic values ​​and high ethical standards in science and research,
  • Cultivating culture and national heritage and developing the Polish language and culture.

Administration of the university

  • Improving the management of XNUMXst and XNUMXnd degree studies, postgraduate studies, courses and other forms of lifelong learning,
  • Continuous improvement of the work of the dean's office and administration, including their computerization,
  • Full integration based on advanced IT systems in strategic areas of management: finance, human resources and teaching processes,
  • Development of the IT network and increasing its security in order to better adapt it to the needs of teaching, research and university management,
  • Improving the quality of equipment and the availability of premises necessary for the teaching process, research and management of the University,
  • Providing access to the University premises for the exhibition of the achievements of the teaching staff, students and employees of the University in various fields of science, culture and interests.
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