Student benefits documents and applications

Documents and applications

Below are links to PDF documents that must be opened with the program Adobe Reader, if necessary, print and fill in by hand:


REGULATIONS of benefits for WSZ-SW students

Appendix 1
(list of documents)

Annex 2 (rules for determining the income in the student family)

Appendix No. 3 (detailed conditions for granting the rector's scholarship 


for a social scholarship
(Annex 4)

for a scholarship for people with disabilities (Appendix 5)

for the rector's scholarship (Appendix 6)

for the Rector's scholarship for those admitted for the first year. (Annex 6a)

for a grant (Annex 7)

for recalculation of income (Annex 8)

for the payment of the scholarship 2022-2023 (Annex 14)


student's declaration of not running a joint household with either parent (Appendix 9)

declaration on the amount of non-taxable income (Annex 10)

justification of the application for a social grant in an increased amount
(Annex 11)

student's declaration - GDPR (Annex 12)

Student's statement on the periods of the applicant's student status. (appendix no. 13)

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