Standards of writing a thesis

standards for writing diploma theses

thesis it is the culmination studies at a university. It should testify to the acquisition of knowledge in the field it relates to. Moreover, it must show the degree of mastery of the skills

use of knowledge, and its topic should correspond with the past practice and the selected specialization. It is a necessary element associated with obtaining a degree bachelor's degree and/ or Master's degree.

Preparation of the thesis

Diploma seminar it is a compulsory element in preparing a student to write thesis. It lasts 2 semesters in the last year of studies. Seminar and promoters' proposals are presented to students in the semester preceding the semester during which the diploma seminar will be held.

Each student is required to register for a selected seminar. Subject i the scope of the thesis is agreed with the supervisor conducting the seminar, at which:

  • a work structure is established,
  • the stages of writing a job are systematically checked,
  • the rules of using literature are discussed,
  • is informed about the rules of editing and the consequences of infringement of copyright.

The content of the thesis

The subject of the thesis should be consistent with the student's interests (selected specialization) a substantive content of the thesis provide about mastering skills and acquiring knowledge in the field covered by the study program. At the same time, its content may extend beyond the curriculum. The author should demonstrate the ability to describe and interpret the discussed problem.
In terms of research methodology, the work should use scientific methods dedicated to a given field of knowledge, which will allow for the correct development of results and conducting research. They are especially highly rated thesis attempting empirical research related to the topic.

The content of the thesis should:

  • be factually consistent,
  • individual threads should connect with each other,
  • be written in short, well-worded sentences;
  • in building sentences, use the impersonal form of verbs in the past tense, e.g. established, analyzed, described.

Assessment of the thesis

Assessment of the bachelor's thesis i thesis are made by the reviewer and thesis promoter. It should take into account:

  • compliance of the content with the topic;
  • work layout and its structure;
  • substantive content;
  • innovation in terms of the problem;
  • sources used;
  • the formal side of the work, including the correctness of the language used;
  • suggestions related to the use of research results.

Requirements for diploma theses

Requirements for BA thesis i thesis they differ both in volume and formula. Bachelor's thesis should have no more than 60 standard pages of a computer printout, and the master's degree - 80 pages. When assessing, the substantive and formal correctness is particularly taken into account. The correct formatting of the content also plays an important role. The scope of the indicated volumes of work does not include additions, annexes or attachments.

Bachelor thesis

The task BA thesis is to check the student's basic skills, which include the ability to clearly formulate the problem and collect, organize and analyze information. This kind thesis it may be a project, a comparative study or an analytical study.

master thesis

master thesis it has a more scientific character. It must be a research work in the field of research, theoretical and / or practical problems. Should demonstrate the student's skills in the following areas:

  • practical use of knowledge acquired during studies with the use of research methods,
  • analytical thinking,
  • logical inference,
  • independent search for source materials.
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