Postgraduate studies

Managing the Detective Office

New postgraduate studies - Management of the Detective Office

Warsaw School of Management-University, 01-204 Warsaw, ul. Siedmiogrodzka 3A offers Postgraduate Studies "Managing a detective office".

  1. Acquisition of knowledge, qualifications and skills in the field of managing a detective office and professional performance of detective tasks.
  2. In addition to the WSZ-SW postgraduate diploma, the graduate will obtain a certificate entitling him to issue a detective's license without having to pass an exam at the Police Headquarters.


It will cover issues in the field of company management, including a detective office. In addition, the program of studies will include knowledge in the field of economic intelligence and counterintelligence, knowledge of operational techniques, observation of people, detection of wiretaps, searching for missing and hiding persons, and issues related to legal provisions, such as: processing and protection of personal data, protection of classified information, elements of criminal law, rights and obligations of a detective, provisions regulating the principles of conducting business activity in the field of detective services. The studies end with the writing of a diploma thesis, consisting in designing the activities of a detective office, and an oral exam.

The studies are intended for people who want to set up a detective company, who have experience in working in the ministries of force or the police.

Framework study program:

Lp. Item title O'clock
1. Selected aspects of enterprise / company management 14 hours
2. Business intelligence 8 hours
3. Economic counterintelligence 8 hours
4. Sources of information in the work of a detective 6 h
5. Information analysis methodology 6 h
6. Inference methods in the analytical process 6 h
7. Detective services - legal basis for the performance of activities 20 hours
8. Detective's rights and duties 8 h
9. Civil and criminal liability of a detective 8 h
10. Documenting detective activities 8 hours
11. Operational and exploratory activities - legal and practical aspects 8 hours
12. Techniques and tools of surveillance 8 hours
13. Observation tactics 8 h
14. Techniques of exerting influence 6 hours
15. Interview tactics and technique 8 hours
16. Verbal and non-verbal symptoms of lying 6 hours
17. Basics of graphological research 6 hours
18. Personal data protection 15 hours
19. Classified information protection 15 hours
20. Fundamentals of criminal and civil law 10 hours
21. Diploma seminar 8 hours

Total 190 hours

Place of conducting classes:

Classes will be held at the seat of the university at ul. Siedmiogrodzka 3A in Warsaw, on average, every two weeks in the weekend mode - on Saturdays and Sundays (8 hours a day).

Tuition fees for studies are:

  • one-off in the amount of PLN 3950
  • in 4 installments in the amount of PLN 1 each,
  • in 10 monthly installments in the amount of PLN 420 each.

1. For the program of the offered studies, please contact:
- Prof. dr hab. Paweł Soroka - Warsaw School of Management - University, tel. 22 8623224, mobile: 603 425 568; e-mail:
- Dr. Waldemar Gajda - Warsaw School of Management - University of Warsaw - tel. 22 8623224 ,.

2. In organizational matters:
- Elżbieta Woźniakowska - Warsaw School of Management - University of Warsaw: mobile phone: 795 990 822; tel 22 862 32 24; e-mail:

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