Postgraduate studies

Management in family businesses

Postgraduate Studies Program

Holistic Human Capital Management in Family Businesses

Organizers: Warsaw School of Management - University in cooperation with the Polish Club of Nestor and Successor in Sulisław. The aim of the studies is to impart knowledge and shaped favorable skills.

Objectives of postgraduate studies:

  • effective implementation of the goals of the family business,
  • conducting the first successful succession,
  • passing on the hierarchy of values ​​of the senior to the successor.
  • the use of mediation techniques in resolving disputes in family businesses.
  • protecting the capital of a family business against division.

The studies are aimed at:

  • owners and managers of family enterprises,
  • finance and banking representatives,
  • employees of consulting and training companies,
  • media representatives,
  • trainers and consultants,
  • therapists and educators,
  • people interested in their own development,
  • health professionals.

Study programme:

Lp. Item title O'clock
1. Management systems applications 8
2. Contemporary concepts of family business management 16
3. Models of family enterprise management in their life cycle 12
4. Trust in the enterprise 8
5. Succession in family businesses 16
6. Anthropology of managing human relations with the environment 8
7. Levels of Consciousness 8
8. Psychology of communication workshop 16
9. Innovation 8
10. New technologies 8
11. A modern man of the renaissance in the global business world 8
12. Legal module 16
13. Media in business 8
14. social media 8
15. Yoga philosophy and practice as an efficient operation 8
16. Working with breath and energy 8
17. The most important concepts of Ayurveda 8
18. Diploma seminar 16

Total 180 hours

The commencement of postgraduate studies is planned for October this year. The studies take place in the exclusive Sulisław Palace in Sulisław (Opolskie Voivodeship). The cost of participation for two semesters per person is PLN 10 209,00 net and includes tuition fees for studies, accommodation in the exclusive Sulisław Palace, meals and teaching materials.

Application survey

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