Postgraduate studies

Postgraduate studies

Postgraduate studies

Postgraduate studies conducted since 1992

The Warsaw School of Management-University has been conducting postgraduate studies since 1992, immediately after receiving the status of a private university from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The first postgraduate studies offered by WSZ-SW were three types: Postgraduate Studies in Enterprise Management, Postgraduate Studies in Personnel Management and Postgraduate Studies in Marketing. Until the end of the nineties, they enjoyed great popularity and several dozen editions were made.

In the first half of the nineties, officers of the then reduced Polish Army also participated in them and were sent to a civilian as part of the conversion process. Under an agreement with the Human Resources Department of the Ministry of National Defense, our University has organized many editions of postgraduate studies for them; apart from the above-mentioned studies, these were also Postgraduate Studies in Running a Business.

On the other hand, for several years we have been running Postgraduate Studies in Educational Facility Management for teachers and kindergarten teachers in Warsaw and Bydgoszcz (here together with the Kadr-SKK Studies). For many years until today - together with the SEDPOL Corporation - we carry out Postgraduate Studies in Real Estate Valuation, and a few years ago, together with this Corporation, we conducted Postgraduate Studies in Real Estate Management until the release of some professions (this type of studies WSZ-SW also conducted in Bydgoszcz together with SKK).

In recent years, Postgraduate Studies in Quality Management and Postgraduate Studies in the Protection of Classified Information and Personal Data, conducted by our University, together with the Quality Platform, have been the most popular. Currently, the fourth edition of these studies is underway.

In total, 2383 graduates who received certificates of completion graduated from post-graduate studies at the Warsaw School of Management-University.

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