University Circle

TNOiK University Circle

The Circle of the Scientific Society of Organization and Management at WSZ-SW operates on the basis of the TNOiK Statute and the Regulations. The members of the Circle are employees and associates of the University and supporters of TNOiK. The Rector of WSZ-SW, Dr. Eng. Waldemar Gajda. Formally, the Circle is the basic unit of the TNOiK Warsaw Branch, and the organizational unit is part of the University's structure as a scientific circle.

The chairman of the Society is Dr. Halina Fűchsel, while the animator of all innovative activities is Dr. Eng. Barbara Kulpińska, and his tutor prof. dr hab. Paweł Soroka, who is also the vice-president of the Management Board of the Warsaw Branch of TNOiK.

The forms of activity of the TNOiK Circle at the Warsaw School of Management-University are as follows:

1. Development and popularization of good administration and management practices.
2. Participation of members of the Club in scientific seminars and problem workshops.
3. Educational and educational activities, in cooperation with the Studio
Sustainable Development with particular emphasis on the following issues:
- organizational consulting,
- mentoring,
- tutoring,
- coaching.
4. Formulating opinions and expertise in the field of broadly understood organization of management and management.
5. International cooperation in the field of effective educational methods.
6. Development of potentials and qualifications of its members.

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