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Offer of psychological support at the Warsaw School of Management - University.

In the academic year 2022/2023, the University provides an offer of individual psychological support for university students in need. As research shows, young people feel a lot of pressure to succeed in their studies and the labor market. Persistent tensions and fears make them at high risk of developing depression, anxiety disorders and addictions.

Signals that indicate that a student may need psychological support:

  • prolonged states of depressed mood, apathy, feeling of emptiness,
  • strong and prolonged feeling of anxiety, fear, panic attacks,
  • lack of strength and willingness to act,
  • difficulty concentrating and focusing attention,
  • difficulties in relationships with others,
  • difficulty coping with everyday problems,
  • growing aggression,
  • resignation and suicidal thoughts,
  • signals from the environment that something is going on.

Individual consultations with a psychologist can take place online or stationary at WSZ-SW. It can be used by people who cannot cope with difficulties and want to talk about their problems to regain balance and the ability to cope with the stress of everyday life. The advice focuses on enhancing a person's strengths.

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"PSRP Comfort Zone" - onationwide project of psychological help for students from all over Poland.

On the initiative of the Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland and co-financing from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, a nationwide project of psychological assistance for students from all over Poland "PSRP Comfort Zone" was launched. Each student can take advantage of online therapy and take part in webinars conducted by specialists.

Thanks to the "PSRP Comfort Zone" project, the student can find out the answers to bothering questions, e.g. how to deal with anxiety, how to use time productively and what signals may indicate poor mental health.

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