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Postgraduate studies in Quality Management

The Warsaw School of Management - University together with the content partner QUALITY PLATFORM, taking into account the needs and expectations of the market, invites you this academic year to popular, valued and known on the Polish market Postgraduate studies in the field of "Quality Management".

Graduates of these studies will obtain specialist and competitive competences on the market.

Classes will be conducted by experienced specialists (trainers, consultants) in the field of standardized management systems related to management practitioners and theorists, as well as auditors of various certification bodies.

The content provided during the classes will be adequate to the requirements and practical solutions used in various organizations.

Program goals and assumptions

 Participation in the proposed postgraduate studies will result in acquiring, extending and / or consolidating knowledge and theoretical and practical skills in the field of broadly understood quality issues, including the possibility of their implementation in various enterprises.
The main goal of the studies is to contribute to the acquisition, supplementation or confirmation of the competences of study participants, necessary to perform leading, different and important roles in various organizations. The studies are aimed at all people involved in or planning to work in issues related to the subject of studies.
The condition for admission to postgraduate studies is, as a minimum, a diploma of graduation from higher education (bachelor or engineer). You do not need to have any knowledge of the postgraduate studies offered - everything will be clearly and clearly presented during the classes
Graduates of postgraduate studies will receive a certificate of completion of postgraduate studies on the basis of an oral final exam (without writing a diploma thesis, which, among other things, distinguishes the proposed postgraduate studies) and certificates from each module - a total of 11 certificates and for each specialization

The following modules will be implemented as part of the studies:

1 – 2 to determine Quality Assistant according to ISO 9001 (32h)
3 to determine Quality Auditor according to ISO 9001 (16h)
4 to determine Quality Control Specialist (24h)
5 to determine Lead Auditor of Management Systems (8h)
6 to determine Environmental Auditor according to ISO 14001 (16h)
7 to be determined after the end of the XNUMXst semester Information Security Auditor according to ISO / IEC 27001 (16h)
8 to determine OHS auditor according to PN-N / OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45001) (16h)
9 to determine Problem Solving Specialist /
Continuous Improvement (16h)
10 to determine Risk Management Specialist (16h)
11 to determine Management Systems Representative (16h)
12 to determine Quality Manager (16h)
13 to determine FINAL EXAM

Place of conducting classes:

Classes will be held at the seat of the university at ul. Siedmiogrodzka 3A in Warsaw, on average, every two or three weeks in the weekend mode - on Saturdays and Sundays (8 hours a day).

Tuition fees for studies are:

  • one-off in the amount of PLN 4 400,
  • in 4 installments in the amount of PLN 1 each,
  • in 10 monthly installments in the amount of PLN 460 each, payable by the 15th day of each month (from December to September inclusive).
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